Our Gratings Span a Century

Our Gratings Span a Century

February 1, 2012

The year was 1912, and Walter E. Irving began production of the first steel bar grating, a product that would revolutionize the world of industrial and commercial flooring.  First used to help ventilate subway stations and tunnels, Irving’s steel bar grating spread quickly across many other applications.

Mr. Irving was honored by the armed forces during World War II for his creation of airfield mats, known as “magic carpets,” which provided emergency landing fields quickly and that could be easily camouflaged. He introduced the “Streamline Splice,” which enabled open steel flooring to be laid in one piece no matter how large the area.
One hundred years later, we are a division of Harsco Corporation; Harsco Industrial IKG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality steel and aluminum bar grating with manufacturing plants throughout the Americas, including México, Brazil and the United States.

Harsco Industrial IKG carries on the pioneering spirit of its founders, bringing experience, high quality, and time-tested, value-added solutions to its customers today. 

Reliable then, reliable now, we are proud to say that “We help build the world.”

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