New GrateGuard Product Line

New GrateGuard Product Line

January 12, 2016

Harsco IKG introduces New GrateGuard Product Line!.

An Innovative new approach to high security fencing

Current offerings of chain link fencing, ornamental iron or aluminum, welded wire and expanded metal all provided a visual deterrent but each lack in vital areas of physical ability to impede a breaching of the perimeter. Common failures of these offerings are attainable using small hand tools to cut wires, spreading of thin wall aluminum or steel pickets, and/or using small power tools such as a grinder to quickly cut through the individual sections making a personnel sized hole in less than one minute.

GrateGuard is fabricated from heavy duty bar and rod stock with a high strength to weight ratio that is fusion welded for optimal strength and rigidity along the entire panel structure. GrateGuard is further supported with an architecturally-designed high strength post, rail and bracket frame-work. This patent pending combination of engineered products provides the ultimate in physical deterrence as well as a visually appealing design that satisfies even the most discerning client.


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