Why Choose US?

We Are America's First and Leading Grating Manufacturer

Harsco Industrial IKG (IKG) is America's premier metal bar grating company offering innovative solutions through its unparalleled manufacturing capacity, state-of-the-art information and logistics systems and the most knowledgeable sales and engineering staff in the industry. IKG offers a broad range of grating products for a variety of applications.

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We Are A Division of Harsco, A $3 Billion, Multinational Corporation

IKG is a subsidiary of Harsco Corporation (NYSE:HSC), a Fortune 1000 diversified industrial services company with market-leading operations around the world. With its expanding global presence, solid business strategies and secure capital resources, Harsco extends IKG’s organizational structure and management expertise to world-class quality standards, ensuring our continued leadership in the metal bar grating industry.

Harsco’s long-term commitment to the marketplace and growth investments in its subsidiary businesses substantially benefit IKG’s ability to serve our customers, maintain strong, rewarding business affiliations and attract and retain dedicated employees. Our successes in new product development, manufacturing technologies and customer services and solutions are greatly facilitated through our parent company’s investments in new plants and equipment, efficiencies in global purchasing, internal controls and financial stability.

Maintaining significant, worldwide business relationships over the long haul is no accident. Harsco’s unparalleled range of resources, technology and experience extend as well to high standards of corporate governance for its entire organization. IKG adheres strictly to the Harsco Code of Ethics and integrity as well as commitment to safety and programs to protect our global environment.

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We Are Experienced

You don't need to "shop around" for your grating needs. IKG has been providing tailor-made grating solutions to thousands of customers in a broad spectrum of industries for nearly 100 years. Our national sales office provides support and assistance with project management, grating layout and design.

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IKG Provides a Better Product at a More Competitive Price

IKG is the technology leader in the grating industry. Our grating products are manufactured in state-of-the-art plants that produce grating faster and with greater precision than anyone else (1,000 square feet per minute), utilizing the most up-to-date CAD engineering systems and sophisticated order handling. We make sure that each order matches your specifications exactly and is keyed, packed and shipped for the fastest installation on your job.

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We Are Strategically Located to Save You Time and Money

In addition to our strategically located regional manufacturing facilities and 24-hour grating design capability, IKG also has an extensive, regional distribution network, so we can expedite your orders efficiently. The result is shorter transit time, lower freight charges, and easy export, for quick turnaround and delivery. We offer a full range of shipping choices: water, rail, truck, or even air, should the need arise.

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We Hire and Train a Knowledgeable Sales Staff

You can deal with IKG with confidence. Our consultative approach to sales provides our customers with practical, meaningful solutions. We provide a single point of contact to our grating customers. IKG's sales people are all knowledgeable grating experts, skilled in helping you make the right decision. They will help you decide on the grating product that best meets your design objectives, accurately estimate and quote your job, and follow-through to ensure your satisfaction.

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Our Commitment to Our Customers Is World Class

IKG is committed to meet or exceed your quality and service expectations at all times, so we constantly challenge the status quo to be more responsive to you in every way. We value our long-term customer relationships and lasting business values, and we continually strive to improve as your supplier, regardless of the size of your grating projects.

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We Are Not Satisfied Until Our Customers Are Satisfied

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. Beyond delivering a quality product at a competitive price, you'll find that our sales and support personnel really do listen; really do hear you. We pride ourselves on being attentive service providers who stand behind our grating products and are, from top management to the workers who make your grating products, dedicated to your satisfaction.

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