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One of our latest innovations, Harsco Industrial IKG’s (IKG) Flush Top Aluminum Grating combines the economy of swaged construction with the comfort of a flush-top walking surface.

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BS Flush(Harsco Industrial) = -

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BS Flush

The BS Flush product is approved for all general purposes with bearing bars on 1-3/16" centers and cross bars on 4" centers.

Available in Aluminum.

DFS Flush(Harsco Industrial) = -

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DFS Flush

The DFS Flush product has close 15/16" bearing bar centers and cross bars on 2" centers. For conditions requiring greatly reduced net openings.

Available in Aluminum.

FS Flush(Harsco Industrial) = -

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FS Flush

The FS Flush product is the same as BS, but with additional cross bars to provide increased lateral stability.

Available in Aluminum.

DS Flush(Harsco Industrial) = -

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DS Flush

The close bearing bars of the DS Flush product provides a greater loading capability than BS without increasing the depth of the section.

Available in Aluminum.

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