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Harsco Industrial IKG (IKG) has been providing tailor-made grating solutions to thousands of customers in a broad spectrum of industries for nearly 100 years. Our ability to design, manufacture, deliver and install a wide variety of metal grating for difficult or complex customer specifications is one of the capabilities that makes IKG the choice for major municipal, industrial and commercial projects.

There is virtually no limit to the many uses of metal grating, and new applications are constantly being developed. In addition to the long list of “tried and true” uses for our grating -- commercial and industrial flooring, including mezzanines, catwalks, platforms, ramps, subway and sidewalk grating – the uncluttered lines and architectural appearance of grating are leading to its increased use for architectural grille work, grates, screens, fencing, dividers and awnings. These are but a few of the many traditional and emerging uses of grating that IKG continues to pioneer.

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