Red Hills Generating Station

The Red Hills Generating Station in Ackerman, MS is one of many power plants extensively equipped with Harsco Industrial IKG’s (IKG) standard welded grating products used for flooring for catwalks, access and maintenance platforms and stair towers.  

The Red Hills project has both plain and serrated IKG welded grating products, including stairways, with nosings in checkered plate. Harsco Industrial IKG’s (IKG) 19W4 fabricated galvanized steel grating was specified for the $350 million Red Hills project which was designed and built by Bechtel for Choctaw Generation, Inc.

The best choice for strength and long-term cost savings, IKG steel grating, with its high strength-to-weight ratio, outlasts other materials.  It can be fabricated to suit any configuration for a specific use and is perfect for power plants because liquids and debris cannot collect on it, providing an extra measure of safety and slip resistance.

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