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Grating was invented back in 1908 to solve a problem – a way to ventilate the New York subway system using open steel mesh grating. Ever since, Harsco Industrial IKG (IKG) has been designing and developing new and improved uses for metal bar grating to meet every requirement. Whether for power plants, bridges, roadways, water treatment plants, warehouses, airports, railroads or a host of other environments, IKG grating leads the industry.

We are proud to feature a few of our recent projects to illustrate some of the varied uses of our grating.

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For complex floor patterns and hard-to-fit areas, grating can support light pedestrian; to heavy vehicular loads and allows light, air, heat, liquids and debris to pass through for a slip resistant surface, yet can also provide a comfortable walking and standing surface.



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Cost-effective mezzanine grating increases useable storage space and is especially popular for sorting, distribution and warehouse facilities. It is strong, lightweight, and offers a comfortable rolling and walking surface.


Stairway and Ramp Handrails

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Harsco Industrial IKG’s stairway and ramp handrails are dependable, proven products with high strength-to-weight ratio to support heavy pedestrian use, yet are economical and provide a pleasing architectural appearance.



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Many types of metal grating can be used for walkways, but only Harsco Industsrial IKG has Safe-T-Grid®, with a top walking surface that feels like solid flooring underneath, ideal for pedestrian use.


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