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At Harsco Industrial IKG (IKG), we are concerned with providing the most reliable, proven grating for your installation. The information below details our standard surfaces and finishes for steel, stainless steel and aluminum grating products.


  • Plain (smooth) top surface is available for all products
  • Serrated (slip resistant) top surface for all products, except Aluminum I-Bar, Flush Top, and Safe-T-Grid®.Serrated offers more secure footing, where oil, water or chemicals are present.
  • Mebac® Surfaces



A galvanized steel finish is the best protection for corrosion resistance for steel grating because the zinc metallurgically bonds with to the steel, creating a series of highly abrasion-resistant zinc-iron alloy layers. IKG’s galvanized steel is galvanized per ASTM A-123 industry standard.


Our painted steel grating is painted with one shop coat of water-based black or gray paint to protect the grating during transit. This is not intended to be a permanent finish.

IKG GrateCoat®

GrateCoat by IKG offers the highest quality standard paint finish in the Industry.

GrateCoat powder coat finish for bar grating costs no more than standard shopcoat,but provides exceptional quality, vastly superior durability and uniform application, plus a virtually unlimited palette of colors.

GrateCoat standard colors are black and gray, but IKG can also match your color scheme or color chip with a virtually unlimited color selection for a dramatic, architecturally appealing industrial-style application. 

GrateCoat is for interior use only.


Mill Finish is our standard stainless steel grating finish. Mill Finish is applied as part of the fabricating process. The welded stainless steel grating undergoes caustic cleaning after fabrication because certain carbon particles are inherent in the manufacturing process which causes discoloration of the finished product. For a clean welded stainless appearance, IKG recommends the extra cost to chemically clean, electropolish or sandblast the finished product to restore the attractive finish of the stainless steel.


Mill Finish is IKG’s standard finish for stainless alloy grating.

It is applied is applied as part of the fabricating process. The grating then undergoes caustic cleaning after fabrication.


Mill Finish

Mill Finish is applied as part of the fabricating process. The grating then undergoes caustic cleaning after fabrication.


A special finish available on request. Anodizing involves “growing” a coat of aluminum oxide from the aluminum by passing an electrical current through an acid electrolyte bath in which the aluminum is immersed. The coating thickness and surface characteristics are tightly controlled to meet end-product specification.


A special finish available on request. Duranodic is a type of anodized finish in which the coloring and anodizing takes place in a single step. It is also known as “integral color.”

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