Stair Treads

If you are designing open grid floors, you probably want the stairs to match. Harsco Industrial IKG fabricates stair treads of every grating style and material, available with a selection of nosing and with standard and custom coatings. Harsco Industrial IKG can apply Mebac® slip resistant surfaces for your stair treads.

Available in Steel, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel Alloys.

Note: The painted finish is one shop coat of water-based black or gray paint to protect during transit and is not considered a finished coat.

Note: For welded stainless grating, certain carbon particles are inherent in the manufacturing process which causes discoloration of the finished product. For a clean welded stainless appearance, IKG recommends the extra cost to chemically clean, electropolish, or sandblast the finished product.

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