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Safety flooring and access solutions are often the installed at the job site in the project’s final stage, the finishing step for projects valued in the tens of millions of dollars of steel!

Proper fit and finish are critical at the project’s final stages to ensure a satisfactory turnover and avoid unexpected delays.

For this reason, IKG has invested heavily in its Estimation Group to develop and maintain top-notch capabilities in proper bar grating and other material specification and application to a variety of job site conditions as well as the ability to quickly assess where grating is called for in the project – and where it’s recommended.

Application Review

IKG Estimators provide your Project Engineers and Project Managers with expert support in understanding your project and the expected duty cycle of your safety flooring.  They’ll confirm your specifications for type, size and strength of flooring and recommend improvements to ensure you and your client will be satisfied with the flooring’s performance.  “Grate” flooring is specified once – manufactured once – installed once – and enjoyed for many years to come, with the expert advice of IKG Estimating!

Drawing Take-Off

Costly errors such as entire areas of material missing, having never been identified or ordered, are easily avoidable.

IKG Estimators carefully review the entire project drawing package to identify ALL areas calling for IKG products and solutions.

IKG’s quotations are complete, and include any banding, fasteners, plate, anti-slip surfaces, and other extras to fully comply with project specifications.

IKG Estimators utilize standardized templates developed over decades of experience to ensure uniformity in quoting as well as completeness in the engineering and manufacturing phases of your project.




In a 3-D CAD / BIM world, drawings and details may seem to be simply “boilerplate” dimensions and tolerances for manufacturing.

Not so at IKG – Our Detailers take new projects from an estimated scope of work to a complete manufacturing, fabrication and installation specification. All customer, site, project, estimation language and documents are translated into manufacturing drawings that communicate your requirements to our shop in consistent, precise form.  The drawing package also serves as IKG approved documentation of what you will receive at the job site.

Detailing reviews all site drawings, specifications and standards along with final purchase order lines, the original quotation and take-off to capture any changes and confirm a complete order package is present. Nothing is left to chance – without proper specifications and documentation, the order does not proceed.

IKG Detailers also benefit from being part of an organization of sales, engineering, estimation and manufacturing experts with state-of-the-art CRM and ERP systems to standardize and systemize the capturing and tracking of critical order information before manufacturing begins.

Man Welding Grating

Manufacturing and Fabrication

With a complete and accurate Estimate provided by IKG, our expert manufacturing and fabrication teams will cover all required material types, finishes, fasteners, hardware, and special requirements for your project.

The most critical details driving a successful installation are fully captured in IKG’s uniform, proprietary tracker to ensure proper size, proper strength, and proper placement of cut-outs to avoid interference with project piping, equipment, and structural shapes.